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Expert: Hezbollah has painted a target on the back of all of Lebanon

Posted by Albert Gersh - March 23, 2016




At a House hearing on Tuesday, experts on the terrorist organization Hezbollah discussed its increased dominance in Lebanon and how its activities and strategies increase the likelihood of a future, more deadly war with Israel. Tony Badran, a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies stated, “Hezbollah has made Lebanon complicit both financially and economically, as well as militarily because of all the weapons that it’s moving from Syria that it’s getting from Iran and is storing the majority of it in civilian areas. Hezbollah has essentially painted a big target on the back of all of Lebanon.” Israeli officials have warned that by moving most of its military infrastructure into Shiite villages in southern Lebanon, Hezbollah is placing Lebanese civilians at risk and using them as a human shields. Yaakov Amidror, former Israeli National Security Advisor has stated, “At the end of the day, it means that many, many Lebanese will be killed.”

Badran asserted that “these strategic weapons that are being moved to Lebanon, as well as Hezbollah’s entrenchment in Syria and its expansion into the Golan along with the IRGC, and the building of new infrastructure on Syrian soil, creates a situation for Israel that will, I think, accelerate upcoming future conflict which… is going to be far bloodier than we’ve ever seen on both sides.” Former Treasury official Matthew Levitt estimated that Hezbollah now has 130,000-150,000 rockets, while Badran stated that Hezbollah has the capacity to launch up to 1500 rockets at Israel per day. The terror group has also gained additional military expertise and experience through its operations in Syria and from fighting alongside the Russians. Furthermore, Levitt noted that Hezbollah now has more sophisticated weapons, including an increase in the number of guided systems as well as GPS kits from Iran that can be attached to unguided rockets. He stated that the Israelis “are trying to cope with a situation where hundreds of rockets are fired at specific buildings in Tel Aviv and one can understand why they won’t tolerate that type of situation” and why “from a deterrent perspective that if it happens, their response will be much more severe than it has been in the past.”




A spokesman for the Palestinian Authority’s security forces wrote a Facebook post after Tuesday’s attacks in Belgium blaming the United States and Europe for the rise of global terror. “Those who prepare the poison will taste it themselves, and today Europe is having a taste of what it prepared with its own hands,” Adnan al-Damiri wrote. He added that the West was responsible for “exporting the Jewish terror to Palestine, supporting it and justifying it….Unless you fight terror everywhere, first and foremost in Palestine, since the [Israeli] occupation is the ugliest form of terror…you will be burnt by its fire, and terror has no religion.”Al-Damiri’s comments were first reported by Palestinian Media Watch. A cartoon in the official Palestinian newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida made a similar point. The cartoon showed a cartoon figure with a globe for a head, meant to represent the West, attempting to detonate the Middle East, only to have the explosives detonate under the figure.


The claim that the United States created ISIS has been made a number of times by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He also said that the United States was behind the Paris terror attacks last November. (via TheTower.org)



In the wake of deadly terrorist attacks at Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek metro station in Brussels yesterday that killed 34 people and injured about 200 others, law-enforcement agencies in Europe’s major cities are scrambling to beef up security at airports and transport hubs. This latest horrific incident – and the revelation that the Islamist suicide bombers were known to police and yet still managed to access the airport’s departure hall — has intensified speculation that European countries will get serious about adopting tough Israeli screening methodologies long considered the world’s best practices. Pini Schiff, a former security director at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, told the Associated Press that the attacks in Brussels point to “a colossal failure” of Belgian security and that “the chances are very low” such an attack could have happened in Israel.  Itamar Graff, a senior official at SIBAT, the international defense cooperation agency of the Israeli Defense Ministry, told Ynet: “Israeli products have already been sold to counter-terrorism agencies abroad and to foreign police forces, in Europe too. The recent events, coupled with the concerns about Islamic State fighters returning to Europe from the Middle East, will prompt the Europeans into equipping themselves.” The large Israeli company SB Shmira Ubitahon (Guarding and Security), has a German subsidiary, SB Europe Security and Logistics, offering services to Europe’s airports, ports, power stations and other sensitive installations. Brig. Gen. (Res.) Mena Bacharach, CEO and partner in SB Europe and an international expert on aviation security, testified to a US Congressional subcommittee on upgrading American procedures after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, and in the late 1980s headed a multiyear project to build a security network in Europe, the Far East and Middle East on behalf of several US-based airline carriers. (via Israel21c)



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