Tipping Point Podcast

Episode 93 - The Jewish James Bond

- December 03, 2018

What brings an IDF Naval Ops veteran to write a spy novel on a female Mossad agent in English?

Tune in to Tipping Point’s latest episode with Australian immigrant Jonnie Schnytzer, who insists that Jews are lacking an espionage hero to look up to (05:10), and addresses the storyline of “The Way Back,” a tale of smugglers, spies, Israel and the Middle East.
Also on this episode, behind the scenes of the Israel-Asia Center’s work to bridge gaps and whether Israelis are taking this continent as seriously as they should (15:30).

Before wrapping up (24:50), we discuss his weekly video blog, that aims to simplify the messages of the Hebrew Bible for the uniquely Israeli phenomenon of the “formerly observant” Jewish community.


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