Tipping Point Podcast

Episode 46 - A Cold War in a Simmering Middle East

- September 24, 2017

What leverage does the Trump administration have on Russia in the quest for influence in the Middle East and where does Israel fit into this?
Tune in to Tipping Pointโ€™s latest episode with Ilan Berman of the American Foreign Policy Council.
Also in this episode: How will the Middle East react to the Kurdish referendum?

***The views expressed during the course of the Podcast do not necessarily reflect the position of The Israel Project.

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  • Joshua Nyarko

    The Everlasting Kingdom of the Lamb after the war.

    The beast will appear to be a mighty force during these day, but the spirit of God Jehovah will fall on people to demonstrate to all nations and the world, the God whose the everlasting kingdom shall be. These proclaimers shall be two Angeles who will descend from heaven and will be under the command of Jesus the lamb of God. Isaiah 52:7-15. The coming down of these two angles follows God’s order to fight and retrieve the fair city from the kingdom of the beast, and rebuild Jerusalem to be holy city of God. That which never occurred to the minds of men will happen during this war. These two angles are the two olive trees that will stand before the Lord of the earth until the time that the kingdom of Jehovah God alone will remain. *Zechariah. 4:8-14.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ Source the sixth Horn of the Lamb of God *( the Lord’s Revelation to prophet Victor Nyarko Amoah for Christians worldwide. Book chapter 16,page 127This revelation is coming to pass considering the recent news about Jerusalem being the capital of Israel