Tipping Point Podcast

Episode 107 - Campaigning in the Shadow of Corruption Charges

- March 06, 2019

Tune in to Tipping Point’s latest episode to hear from Tal Shalev, Neri Zilber and Lior Weintraub, on how the Israeli attorney-general’s decision to indict Benjamin Netanyahu will play out in the election campaign.

Is this a game changer? (01:41)
What’s the atmosphere in the Likud party? (04:05)
Have Israelis become accustomed to their leaders being investigated? (09:35)

Also on this episode, we go back in time to see how investigations against top candidates have impacted their success in previous elections. (11:29)
Do Gantz & Lapid stand a real chance to form the next government? (17:15)

On the second part of the podcast, we wonder if the growing tension in the Palestinian arena can play a decisive role in Israel’s election. (19:57)
Is Netanyahu’s “Mr. Security” image in danger because of the latest escalation? (23:54)
How might Trump’s peace plan impact the campaign? (25:16)
And what should Israelis be concerned about if the current administration’s peace plan never gets published? (29:57)

Just before wrapping up – some food for thought on Israeli politics and International Women’s Day (32:25)

March 6, 2019

***The views expressed during the course of this podcast do not necessarily reflect the position of The Israel Project.