Tipping Point Podcast

Episode 105 - Reaching for the Moon

- February 20, 2019

As the first Israeli spacecraft headed for the moon is set to be launched this week, Tipping Point hosts Yariv Bash, co-founder of SpaceIL.

After understanding how long it will take until “Beresheet” completes its mission (02:35), we learn how Yariv and his partners came up with the idea, and how much alcohol was involved (05:27).
Is there a scientific aim to this mission or is it just a competition (08:44)? Is this a one-way ticket journey (10:01)? What are the operation’s chances of success (11:48)?
We also try to figure out if Mars is next on SpaceIL’s agenda (14:04) and what the company has concealed in its tiny onboard time capsule (15:25)?
Also on this podcast, Yariv shares details of the tragic accident that left him confined to a wheelchair but hasn’t stopped him from fulfilling his dreams (18:56).
And finally, will our pizza start falling onto our plates from the sky? Yariv provides us with a sneak-peak of his current project, which will use drones for take-away deliveries (22:50).