Tipping Point Podcast

Episode 101 - Explaining The Holocaust to Millennials

- January 27, 2019

Marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Tipping Point hosts two young Jewish Israelis who discuss what the “Shoah” means for them.

Eli Teplow (26) and Batya Medved (22) explain how their generation consumes information about the Holocaust. (02:00)

More on this episode:
Do Americans and Israelis react differently when visiting the Yad Vashem Museum? (07:01)
What’s the best social media platform to get millennials’ attention (08:49) and are they even interested in hearing about the Holocaust? (09:36)
Batya shares what it’s like growing up with a father who works in studying the Holocaust. (11:02)
Are Hollywood films good tools for teaching the horrors of WWII? (12:59)
How and at what age should we introduce Holocaust education to our children? (15:03)
Are student tours of concentration and extermination camps in Europe effective? (19:19)
In addition, we ask our young guests if they are worried about the future of the Jewish people (22:48) and if they are alarmed at the global rise in Anti-Semitism. (24:52)
Finally, we tackle the looming question: What will it be like in 20 years, a century after the war, without the survivors left to tell their stories? (25:41)