Tipping Point Podcast

Episode 100 - Celebrating 100!

- January 22, 2019

Marking Tipping Point’s 100th episode, Talia Dekel & Dor Kaidar host Tal Shalev, Neri Zilber and Lior Weintraub for a conversation on the latest developments in Israel.

What does this week’s escalation between Israel and Iran mean (02:03) and why did Israel move from ambiguity to a “show and tell” policy with regards to its actions in Syria? (06:13)

Also on this episode, our panelists bid farewell to the outgoing IDF Chief of Staff and evaluate the challenges facing his replacement. (10:45)

We also get scoops from Netanyahu’s trip to Chad (14:59), like the movie the Prime Minister saw on the plane (King Bibi) and what he thought of it (he fell asleep). We also discuss what Israel has to gain from renewing diplomatic ties with the Central African country. (19:10)

We discuss the possible ramifications of the Palestinians no longer accepting US aid money – which mainly goes to security coordination with Israel – starting next month. (25:04)

And don’t think we forgot about the Israeli elections. As Benny Gantz begins his formal campaign, we discuss his new “Benny-Bing” series (27:56) and question whether the public will buy into the hype surrounding him. (29:30)

Before wrapping up, we take our own 10-Year Challenge and discover some fun facts about our panelists’ whereabouts in 2009. (38:01)