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Democratic and Republican senators join together in bipartisan letter calling for the veto of one-sided UN resolutions

Posted by Tip Staff - September 20, 2016


Eight-eight out of 100 senators signed a bipartisan letter on Tuesday urging President Obama to oppose “one-sided” United Nations resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Key signatories included stalwart progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren and vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine.
“Even well-intentioned initiatives at the United Nations (UN) risk locking the [Israeli and Palestinian] parties into positions that make it more difficult to return to the negotiating table and make the compromises necessary for peace,” the letter argues, setting the groundwork for the UN General Assembly meeting in New York this week. It also quotes the President directly in his September 2011 address to the UN General Assembly: “Peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the United Nations… Ultimately it is the Israelis and the Palestinians – not us – who must reach agreement on the issues that divide them.”
Former Israeli Foreign Minister and co-leader of the left-wing Zionist Union party Tzipi Livini – a fervent supporter of two-state peace negotiations – has likewise repudiated the ability of the United Nations to midwife a Palestinian state. “I believe the goal is to achieve peace and to end the conflict, and I don’t think that September is going to help in achieving peace,” she told Newsweek in anticipation of another UN General Assembly meeting. “At the end of the day, the United Nations is not going to establish a state. It’s going to make a declaration.”

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas praised a Jordanian who was shot while attempting to stab Israeli Border Police officers as a “martyr” in a condolence letter to his family this week. The attacker, Saeed Amro, approached the police officers with a knife at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City and was fatally shot. In the letter, Abbas called Amro “a martyr who watered the pure earth of Palestine with his blood” and hoped that “God would wrap the martyr in his mercy, and that he will dwell in paradise.” There have been nine terrorist attacks against Israelis since last Friday. An Abbas spokesman called the killing in self-defense of Palestinian attackers “a crime and an execution” in a statement.
The Palestinian Authority has consistently incited violence and refused to condemn acts of violence against Israeli civilians. Abbas refused to condemn the shootings, knifings, and car-rammings in a terror wave that targeted Israeli civilians for several months. A senior adviser to Abbas stated this past June, “Wherever you find an Israeli, slit his throat.” The PA refused to condemn the shooting attack on Israelis that occurred in Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market in June, which killed four Israelis and wounded 16 others, choosing instead to issue a generically-worded statement with no mention of the terror in Tel Aviv. Fatah released a statement justifying the attack, claiming that Israel was “reaping the repercussions of choosing violence against the Palestinian people.” When a Palestinian terrorist went on a stabbing spree in Jaffa that killed American army veteran Taylor Force, PA’s official TV news station called the terrorist responsible a “martyr” and on Twitter, Abbas’s Fatah Party hailed him as a “martyr” and a “hero.” Last February, Abbas met with families of terrorists who carried out attacks against Israelis, telling them: “Your sons are martyrs.”

The United Nations was forced to halt humanitarian convoys into Syria following the deliberate targeting of aid trucks, a warehouse, and an aid clinic by either Syrian or Russian jets on Monday night. The strikes destroyed 18 out of the 31 trucks that made up the joint UN-Syrian Arab Red Crescent convoy and killed at least 12 humanitarian aid workers in the town of Urem al-Kubra in western Aleppo province. The convoy was delivering aid for 78,000 civilians. UN aid chief Stephen O’Brien said that if the convoy had indeed been purposely targeted, it would be a war crime, because “[n]otification of the convoy...had been provided to all parties of the conflict and the convoy was clearly marked as humanitarian.” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the “sickening, savage and apparently deliberate attack” on the convoy and denounced the depravities of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, which “continues to barrel bomb neighborhoods and systematically torture thousands of detainees.”
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced that at least 40 Syrians had been killed in Aleppo City in air strikes on Monday night into Tuesday. The Syrian military declared the ceasefire, brokered by the United States and Russia, to be over on Monday and immediately proceeded to attack Aleppo with airstrikes and barrel bombs. During the five year-long civil war that has killed around 400,000 people and displaced millions, the Assad regime has committed war crimes including the indiscriminate murder of civilians through the use of barrel bombsmassacres, intentional starvation, and chemical weapons attacks. The Assad regime and its Russian backers have been denounced for intentionally targeting schools and medical facilities. Assad has been fully backed in his onslaught against Syrian civilians by Iran and its terror proxy Hezbollah.


A Facebook page with over 20,000 supporters has given new voice to the growing number of Israeli Arabs loyal to Israel. Example posts include photos of Israeli Arabs proudly holding up Israeli flags and serving their country in uniform. Posts are written in English, Arabic, and Hebrew, and often garner hundreds of “likes”.
“We want to unite Arabs who love the country and who are Zionist, but who feel like they do not have a welcome place in their communities,” said Michal Julian, 37, an Orthodox Jewish resident of Jerusalem who co-founded the page with Abdallah Abdel Rahman, 27, from Abu Ghosh.
Trends show that Israeli Arabs are increasingly assimilating into Israeli society—most recently in education. Between 2013 and 2016, the number of Israeli Arab teachers in Israel’s state schools rose by 40 percent. The result is largely the product of a government-sponsored initiative to integrate more Israeli Arab teachers into public schools. Likewise, the number of Israeli Arabs attending universities is trending upwards, and 14.4 percent of Israel’s bachelor degree students were Arab in 2015—an extremely high success rate considering the country’s population is around 20 percent Arab.

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