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Conf Call: Greg Jones: Interim Dealing: What the West Needs from Iran Talks

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The last few weeks have seen an uptick in both the heat and tempo of rhetoric coming out of Iran, with top Iranian leaders including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani ruling out a range of concessions on issues related to the Islamic republic\'s ballistic missile development, atomic sites, and uranium enrichment capabilities.

Nonproliferation Policy Education Center Senior Researcher Greg Jones recently testified in front of Congress on the status and prospects of a negotiated solution with Iran.

Listen in as The Israel Project hosts a conference call on Thursday, February 13 with Mr. Jones, who will update listeners on where talks stand and what the West must seek to secure in the context of a comprehensive agreement.

About The Speaker

Mr. Jones has served as a defense policy analyst for the past 40 years. Over the course of his career, a major emphasis of his work has been the study of the potential for terrorists as well as countries to acquire and use nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological weapons, and the formulation of policies and actions to control and counter these weapons.

In May 1974, India’s “peaceful nuclear explosion” steered his research into the areas of nonproliferation and counterproliferation. He was heavily involved in the studies which helped formulate the Ford-Carter policies in this area in the 1970s. It was this work that first explicated the dangers of enrichment and reprocessing technologies. The Indian and Pakistani nuclear tests in 1998 again drew his research focus to the nuclear weapons developments in S. Asia and he is the author of several reports on potential development paths for India’s and Pakistan’s nuclear forces.

Since 2008 he has written over 20 papers and articles chronicling the progress of Iran’s nuclear program and in particular how Iran could use its centrifuge enrichment program to acquire nuclear weapons. His most recent article on this subject (with Henry Sokolski) is: “Deflating the Hype on Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal,” National Review Online, December 10, 2013. 

He is a coauthor of the book Swords from Plowshares, as well as the author or coauthor of over eighty reports and articles.

February 13, 2014 at 10am - 10:16am

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