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Conf. Call with Dr. Kobi Michael: First Effects of Fatah-Hamas Deal Felt As Peace Talks Suspended

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Jerusalem this morning announced that peace talks would be suspended, one of several consequences stemming from yesterday‘s news that the rival Palestinian Fatah and Hamas factions had agreed on a unity deal. That deal is aimed at, among other things, forming a unity government in which both groups - the Western-backed Fatah and the Iran-backed Hamas terror organization - would participate.

Stretching back to explicit statements issued in 2006, the United States and its allies have been unequivocal in rejecting the presence of terrorists or of terror-linked officials in the Palestinian Authority. Reports are already emerging that Congress and the White House are backing Israel‘s decision. The story is likely to keep unfolding through today and the rest of the week, however, as the effects of the unity agreement broaden.

Listen in as The Israel Project hosts an on-record conference call with Dr. Kobi Michael, who until last September served as deputy director general and head of the Palestinian desk at the Ministry of Strategic Affairs. Dr. Michael will discuss today‘s announcement out of Jerusalem and the implications it will have on future peace efforts. 

About The Speaker

Dr. Kobi Michael is a senior lecturer at Ariel University - Department of Political Science and a senior researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies - Tel-Aviv University. Until September 2013 he served as the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs. Until October 2011 he was a lecturer at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev – Israel. Dr. Michael focuses on conflict resolution studies and deals mainly with war and peace strategic studies, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Jerusalem, civil-military relations, and peacekeeping operations. Dr. Michael has edited five books about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and peacekeeping operations and has published more than 40 articles, monographs and books‘ chapters about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Jerusalem‘s future political status, security cooperation, peacekeeping operations, and civil-military relations.


April 24, 2014 at 2pm - 2:23pm

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