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Conference Call with Maj.- Gen. (Ret.) Israel Ziv

Following the deadly attack on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon on January 27, 2015, The Israel Project hosted an on-record conference call with Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Israel Ziv.


Mr. Ziv completed his IDF service with the rank of major general after a successful military career. Throughout his service, Major-General Ziv filled various positions in the Paratroops Brigade – from company commander to commander of the brigade itself - and later, as commander of an armored division.

During his military service, Major-General Ziv commanded many border operations and was amongst the first forces that set out to rescue Ethiopian Jews and bring them to Israel. He served as commander of the Paratroops Reconnaissance Unit during the Lebanon War and led the force that entered and eventually took control of the western part of Beirut. From 1983 to 1985, MG Ziv served as ADC to the military attaché in Washington in which capacity he led the negotiations that resulted in the strategic agreement between Israel and the U.S. As commander of an armored division, Maj.-Gen. Ziv was responsible for all training courses for field commanders. In 1999, he was appointed chief infantry and paratroop officer and founded the Academy of Tactical Command and the Integrated Field Officers Course.

In 2001 he was appointed Gaza Division commander. In 2003, he was appointed as head of the Operations Directorate and awarded the rank of major general. While conducting the campaign against Palestinian terrorism, he also dealt with the development of the IDF\'s operational concept, advising the general staff with regard to operational conduct during conflict. Major-General Ziv played a key role in the planning and implementing of the disengagement from the Gaza Strip, the most complex mission the IDF and Israel has faced in the years before the second Lebanon war.

As the senior officer in charge of foreign relations, MG Ziv advanced the IDF\'s strategic relations with the U.S. commands and NATO. MG Ziv stood at the head of the negotiations with Egypt, culminating in the redeployment of Egyptian troops along the Gaza Strip.

In his capacity as head of operations in the General Staff, Major-General Ziv forged the overall concept of Israel\'s borders, including requirements in this area with regard to the security fence between Israel and the West Bank and between Israel and Lebanon.

MG Ziv graduated from Harvard Business School\'s AMP (Advanced Management Program) in 2006, a program focused on senior executive business management.

January 28, 2015 at 6:30am - 9:30am

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