campaigns_inline_all.jpgOn issues that are vital to TIP’s mission, we engage in full-scale campaigns to get the word out to as many people as possible using both conventional and new-age public relations. 

  • We build websites that serve as an information hub on a particular issue.
  • We place advertisements on billboards, in newspapers, on social media and the web.
  • We engage in full-scale social media campaigns.

These efforts create an echo chamber that amplifies the truth – and we have proven to get results.

Our No Bomb For Iran was at the center of a public relations effort to ensure the American public knew the true dangers of the nuclear deal with Iran. More Americans were in favor of the deal when it was first announced than against it. We went to work, with a web campaign, an advertising campaign and traditional public relations. Thousands of people signed our petition at and we used this growing support base to create a distribution network of social media assets we produced.

By the end of the congressional review period, the American public had flipped – 2-1 Americans opposed the deal.

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