2019 Israel Election Timeline

- December 31, 2018

Timeline of Key Events – Israel 2019 Elections


➢ December 26: The Knesset votes to dissolve parliament.


➢ *January-February: - Primaries for Meretz (1/14) Likud (2/5), Labor (2/11), Joint Arab List, Jewish Home
- Kulanu, Israel Beitenu, Yesh Atid and newly-formed parties’ lists formulated by
internal committee.
- Shas and Yahadut HaTorah lists formulated by their spiritual leaders.

➢ February 15: The list of registered voters is published.

➢ February 21-22: Party lists are submitted to the Central Elections Committee.

➢ March 1: Deadline to request disqualification of a candidate

➢ March 12: Central Elections Committee approves or disqualifies party lists after which they cannot be changed.

➢ March 19: Israeli citizens receive notifications of the locations of their voting booths.

➢ March 26: Beginning of election advertising on television & radio.

➢ March 28: Diplomats and sailors cast their votes abroad.

➢ April 5: Publication of the final public opinion polls.

April 9: Election Day. Exit polls expected at 22:00. Final results expected overnight.

➢ April 10: Election results announced. Parties have one week to submit appeals. President Rivlin begins consultations with party leaders and eventually tasks the candidate most likely to form a coalition to do so. The candidate has 28 days to form a government and can request another 14 days if necessary.

➢ April 17: Publication of official election results

➢ April 23: Inauguration of 21st Knesset

* The precise dates of certain primaries and the processes that some parties’/factions’ will use to draw up their candidate lists remain to be determined. Some of the dates are subject to change.

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