Intellicopter: TIP in the Air

There’s no better way to appreciate Israel than to see it from the air. And there’s no better way to understand the country’s security concerns and survival needs for defensible borders as part of a lasting peace with the Palestinians.

Intelligence Tours

The Israel Project provides geopolitical tours of Jerusalem and tours of the borders with Syria, Lebanon, and the Sinai, as well as other topical ground tours.

Need an Expert?

TIP works hard to ensure the discussion across all platforms is based on facts. Utilizing our wide network of experts, TIP connects journalists, policy-makers and …

Newsweek/Daily Beast recently called “an indispensable new English-language source on Israel and the Middle East.”  Founded in February 2013,, is a new non-profit journalism …

The Tower Magazine

Original in-depth essays, reviews, and reportage to give you a broader perspective on Israel and the Middle East.

Al Masdar

Al Masdar is a new Arabic news site covering Israel-related affairs featuring breaking news, analysis, and commentary relating to the political and regional reality as well as feature articles.

Elections 2013

In the lead-up to recent elections in Israel, TIP worked with reporters in Israel and the US to convey our perspective – that any shifts in polls in Israel were in fact within existing left-right blocks, not to the right.

Tower Tomorrow

The Tower Tomorrow Fellowship offers a select group of university students a challenging summer fellowship aimed at educating future journalists, writers and advocacy professionals.

Future Media Project

TIP believes that organic communities are the future of media. The Future Media Project launches and grows digital communities across social media platforms. The project seeks to understand how community and media intersect. We love our communities!

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