The Tower Tomorrow Fellowship:

The Most Intensive Course in Writing and Media Advocacy in Washington


JUNE 5-JULY 28, 2017


Application Deadline: March 3, 2017, 5:00 PM EDT

The Tower Tomorrow Fellowship offers a select group of university students (undergraduate and graduate) a challenging summer aimed at educating future journalists, writers and advocacy professionals in research, analysis, writing for publication, strategic communications and media management.


Working with world-class writers and media professionals, Fellows will learn about coverage of Israel and the region, meet with journalists, scholars, and diplomats, and undertake an intensive eight-week course.


Tower Tomorrow Fellows participate in a rigorous writing seminar led by David Hazony, Director of the Tower Tomorrow Fellowship and Editor of The Tower Magazine. Every week, Fellows write and revise 2,000-word nonfiction articles on Israel and the Middle East and receive detailed individual feedback. Fellows also practice short-form writing and gain an understanding of strategic communications and messaging by composing daily blog posts on current events in the Middle East.


Fellows work closely with key members of The Israel Project’s staff and gain an understanding of TIP’s cutting-edge work in strategic communications through rotations in the organization’s various departments. Fellows also engage in informal social events where they have the opportunity to get to know other members of The Israel Project staff, including senior leadership.


Fellows regularly meet with some of Washington’s most influential journalists, experts, and policymakers for intimate seminars on how ideas flow through contemporary society. Additionally, Fellows also visit distinguished Washington institutions such as The Washington Post, Israel’s Embassy to the United States, NBC News, and the United States Congress in order to get an insider’s view of their work.


The Israel Project aims to cultivate and new generation of pro-Israel leaders in policy, thought, media and advocacy. Accordingly, following the conclusion of the Fellowship program, Fellows are eligible to apply for monetary grants to help them establish campus publications, through which they can build on the experience and tools they gained during the summer, while relying on continued TIP resources and training. The first recipient publications of these grants are the Northwestern University Middle East Review and ProgressME.


Through both Fellowship activities and post-Fellowship opportunities, Tower Tomorrow Fellows gain connections and skills that empower them in making a decisive impact on their home campus and the public conversation at large.


TIP is a nonprofit educational organization that provides factual information about Israel and the Middle East to the press, policymakers and the public.


The Tower Tomorrow Fellowship provides a stipend of $2500.


Who Should Apply?


The Israel Project’s Tower Tomorrow Fellowship is open to undergraduate and graduate students. An ideal Tower Tomorrow Fellow is an excellent thinker, researcher, and communicator, follows current events, is a hard worker and team player and has a strong interest in Israel and a personal commitment to influencing the public debate about Israel. International students must have a U.S. student or work visa to apply.




The Tower Tomorrow Fellowship program is in Washington, D.C. All Fellows must pay for their travel to and from Washington, D.C., housing, and living expenses. All travel for TIP-related events will be paid for by TIP during the Fellowship, except for the daily commute to and from the office.


Work hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fellows are expected to be on time to work and to wear business attire. Because some meetings will be held outside of the office, there may be days when Fellows will have to work longer hours. For all meetings outside the office, Fellows will be expected to wear formal business attire.


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